How Can I Get More Relaxed in a Busy Life: Once In A While Take A Break!

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Today, all we care about is work and money! This is a fact that relates to each of us and we are guilty for not giving ourself the relaxation that we deserve. We even take our work home and stay busy with it in spare hours.

There was a research back in 2015 in US. They declared that more than half American used to leave there holidays unused.

However we need to take the “ants in the pants” role less seriously once In a while. If you really want to keep your work go on the full pace get some time for yourself and let yourself lose sometimes.

So if you are asking how can I get more relaxed in a busy life, here are three mind blowing ways.These have helped me to keep up with my job, family, social life as well as my own soul. They seem to be basic but damn powerful. I hope you’ll be benefitted.

You Need Merely A Few Minutes Throughout The Whole Day!

How can I get more relaxed in a busy life with only a few minutes? I know you are asking that right now. Keep on reading, you’ll get your answer.

I want to suggest a book before I say something. Mark Williams Mindfulness. If you have already read it I’m sure you will know the value of what I’m going to say. I usually set three reminders on my phone. I use them to meditate one minute for each session. Merely just four to five minutes of break makes a huge difference for me.

As a section of meditation session, simply sit in a chair with straight back. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You need to lower your gaze or simply close your eyes. Now just focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly. Feel the relief. You need to stay with your breathing sensations.

This is what works best for me. If you have better idea or find anything better, try that. As long as you are feeling relaxed, it’s helpful. But make sure you give yourself that minimum break during a hectic day.

Miracle of a Home Spa!

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You need to get into your car, hit the hassle of traffic and then get a spa treatment at your favorite parlor. Sounds cumbersome instead of relaxing, right? Well, don’t go then, get yourself a home spa. Once my dermatologist told me about this wonderful way. It has completely changed the sense of life.

I feel uplifted and clam. I don’t know why did not I tried it earlier. However, it’s never too late to start a good habit.

So what I do basically is wash my face gently and properly. Then I like to light up some of my favorite lemon flavored candles. They give me the perfect mood for a calming atmosphere. Next I take a mini facial.

I also like to include a hand massage. I prefer my favorite music playing in background. Next I take a foot massage and pamper them well. Finally I get into the hot bath and sit inside for a while.

If you really can’t give all these time, a simple facial mist every now and then during the day will work. But try to get this home spa at least once in the week. It really makes a change.

An Enjoyable Feast Where You Actually Eat!

Do we even taste our food? Most of the time I used to eat while doing something else. Isn’t this relevant to most of us? But these days, I take some time to enjoy my food. At least during the weekends I go for my favorite restaurants. I eat keeping everything aside.

While putting the first piece in your mouth observe the taste, color, look and everything else. See how it totally changes your mood and appetite.

Eat slowly, enjoy every bite. Don’t focus on noise or sounds around you. Give your food the whole attention. It’s called the power of mindfulness, giving all your attention to the present.


I really want to add some more relaxation ways like massage and all. But seeing how busy we are, I think these three are enough for a good start. Please take care of yourself. It’s important to have the peace of mind to keep up with your good work and enjoy your personal life. Hopefully, you’ll be leading a tranquil life ahead. Good Luck!

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